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«¿El Ex-Presidente Obama, cometió errores con la tiranía castro-cubana? ¿Por qué Trump no los corrige de verdad, de raiz? LA TRAGEDIA CUBANA SE RESUME EN LA FRASE 'VAE VICTIS'» Napoleón Lizardo

Voters unhappy because lawmakers act childish.

Voters unhappy because lawmakers act childish

Enough is enough. We constituents are appalled at the unprofessionalism, lack of concern and childish behavior of the U.S. Congress — both Senate and House of Representatives (“Poll: Voters unhappy with Congress,” News, Wednesday).

Yes, the deficit, terrorism and unemployment are all our concerns, but those issues will never be solved by members of Congress who cannot sit down and discuss their differences without rhetoric delaying progress and confusing everyone.

In my home state, Wisconsin, we had lawmakers of one party leaving the state so there couldn’t be a vote. They left because they were the minority party and knew they would lose. What does this tell our children and grandchildren? I’m taking my ball and bat and going home if I can’t pitch? One thing I know, constituents are sick and tired of this childish behavior. Before long, you will have a revolution of some sort, which will solve nothing but bring only more chaos.

Step up representatives, whether it is village, city, county, state or country; act like stable grownups. Sit down, discuss intelligently and come to an agreement that is best for the United States and its citizens.

Patrick J. Renzelmann; Sheboygan, Wis/usatoday.com


mayo 22, 2011 - Posted by | Otros autores

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