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Former San Francisco Mayor supports oppression in Cuba!

People-to-People Trip Glorifies Repression

At 9:55 AM Monday, December 12, 2011 [Former San Francisco Mayor supports oppression in Cuba!] @napoleonlizardo
Here’s what former (and reprehensible) San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown had to say about his recent “people-to-people” trip to Cuba:

The Cubans know how to treat tourists right.

Having spent a few days in Havana as a part of a Californians Building Bridges junket, I can report that Cubans are clearly gearing up for the wave of American tourists they expect to hit their shores.

Because if there’s one thing the Cuban authorities won’t abide, it’s people messing with tourists.

I watched the cops bust three guys for hassling visitors on the street, and I do mean bust. Facedown on the pavement.

I said, “My God, this is pretty rough.”

“The cops are not as rough as they should be,” was my host’s reply.

I’m not sure my friends on the left back in the States would have approved. But you can walk anywhere in Havana, day or night, and there ain’t nobody who is going to mug you.

As if that wasn’t insulting enough, Brown elaborates:

The trip was put together by Darius Anderson, who turns out to be very big in Cuban investments. So big, in fact, that the night he was missing from the group, he was dining with the president.

How was this self-admitted “junket” by Californians Building Bridges approved by State and Treasury?

The group is being escorted around by Castro regime officials, who want ordinary Cubans to be even more severely repressed, and dining with the dictator.

How does this serve any humanitarian purpose?


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